Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a dangerous job, especially with trees that are close to building structures. Let the experienced professionals of HTS Brookfield Tree delicately & safely remove trees from your property. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring down trees without damaging your home or landscaping.

Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees is a healthy way to take care of them. It promotes new growth, helps control the shape and offers curb appeal. Most importantly, trimming trees that are near your house, shed or garage prevents damage to your property. Contact us today to have your trees looked at by an experienced professional!

Stump Grinding

With our top of the line stump grinding machines, we can safely remove unsightly tree stumps and roots from your property. We also remove the stump grinding debris, making it a complete job! Most other companies leave you with a pile of chips/dirt. No matter the size of the stump, or where it is located, we have the professional expertise and equipment to take care of it.

Wood Chipping/Clearing

Once a tree, shrub or limbs have been removed, we can chip the removed pieces of wood, and leave for a more efficient and eco-friendly landscaping product. We usually haul all the wood and debris away, but you can use these wood chips for ground cover or weed prevention in your landscaping projects upon request. We can also cut your wood and limbs into smaller pieces for use as firewood as well upon request.

Storm Damage

When a big storm hits, and leaves a mess, HTS Brookfield Tree has the equipment and expertise to provide tree removal.  Storms can hit quick and fierce bringing high wind speeds, lightning,  heavy rains, and snow & ice that can damage your structures (home, garage, car, shed etc).

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